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I strive to create personalized-care with all my clients. Every sale and every purchase is unique and  I try and ask the questions that matter to make sure there is a meeting of minds. Your goals are important and by best understanding your expectations, I can facilitate a successful transaction. This is an ever changing industry, and I work to create a relationship that we can build on, while being a trusted adviser in this venture. My goal is to exceed your expectations. 

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Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, an art aficionado, or someone with a palate for fine food and wine, the Wood River Valley is the perfect place for you to call home. Enjoy the vast amounts of untouched wilderness just out your backdoor—you can take a hike, ski a run, or fish on one of the best wild rivers in Idaho all in the same day. Wilderness seem too wild? The culture of the Wood River Valley is comparable to the most metropolitan cities in the world. Enjoy dining in restaurants with James Beard award-winning chefs or perusing fine art at one of the area’s free monthly gallery walks. World-class events like the annual Sun Valley Film Festival and Sun Valley Writes Conference are a major draw for visitors and locals alike. Cross paths with Olympic athletes and celebrities alike in this town that reduces everyone’s interests down to one thing: enjoying the Sun Valley lifestyle.


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In 1968 my mother loaded the wagon and moved the family to Sun Valley; not a covered wagon, but those long-paneled wagons with the rear-facing seat in the back. As a young girl straight from L.A. and beach life, I was a bit overwhelmed but quickly understood the inherent allure of this place. It is the west in every sense of the word.

California is the west too, but Idaho is the real deal. This is the place where, when you descend from Timmerman Hill into the Valley, you exhale and know you have found a ‘place to belong’.

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham
Is Ellie Avalanche Search Dog material? Probably not.. she is fierce, tenacious, bold, and fearless, but perhaps a wee bit too small?

The history of avalanche search dogs goes back 1,000 years to 980 when Bernard of Menthon built a monastery and inn at the top of St. Bernard Pass. The first recorded rescue of an avalanche victim by a dog, took place in the winter of 1937-38 when a search party’s dog showed continued interest in one particular spot, which had already been probed. When the dog started barking incessantly and the area was re-probed, the victim was found alive.

Avalance dogs help search-and-rescue teams worldwide — from the French Alps to the Himalayas of Nepal. Across the United States, they are mainly employed by ski resorts, nonprofit groups, and of course here in the Sun Valley area. A well-trained avalanche rescue dog is equivalent to approximately 20-foot searchers (if the victim isn’t wearing a modern avalanche transceiver) and can search the same area in an eighth of the time. There have even been confirmed reports, in optimal conditions, of a search dog in Austria locating a body 40 feet beneath the snow!

Even with all the new technology we now have, ski resorts still find their search dogs invaluable.

If you would like to read more about the Ski Patrol with their Avalanche Dogs, follow this link

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
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A couple of years ago I had decided to buy a second home in Sun Valley/Ketchum area. I was clueless on knowing any good real estate agents and have owned enough homes over my life to know that there really is a big difference between a really good agent and the average ones. So, how do you find a good one. Generally, word of mouth or a reference from a friend and that is how I finally connected with Corey Graham, through a mutual friend. It turned out to be an excellent move and on so many levels. I am one of these people who are very clear in what I want and what my needs were. Corey actually listened and got it. As a result, we did not have to look at zillion places. In fact, the first place she showed me was the one that I ultimately bought. We did look at a couple of others, just to give me a feel of what was on the market. Reality, she hit the bullseye in one showing. From the initial offer through closing we did not have one hip cup and closing was all done online, making life much easier for everyone. The transaction was flawless, Corey is very personable and very easy to work with. Simply put, I would use Corey again and no doubt will in the future, and if you use her, you will have least made one really good decision in this process and look like a hero.
We are writing to commend the exceptional service provided us by your agent, Corey Graham… After listing with another broker, our showings increased fourfold, and the positive ‘buzz’ created by Corey resulted in her obtaining a quality offer with a quick closing. Two weeks ago, when we came to Ketchum to clean out our condo, we heard from numerous friends that the Valley’s real estate market remains very difficult. We feel quite fortunate to have accomplished a sale, and are most grateful to Corey. Corey gave us great advice regarding pricing, helped us “re-stage” our furniture, and also suggested simplifying the deck landscaping. All this advice made the place more attractive to a wider census of buyers and eventually provided the sale. In a market where good properties continue to trade only at a steep discount to replacement cost, it takes exceptional market savvy to make a deal. You must be gratified to have agents like Corey as part of your team. Once again, we thank Sotheby’s for enabling our sale.
You did one heck of a job. I like people who look for solutions. This would have torpedoed with the wrong people at the helm. 5 stars to you from us.
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