Prepare your home for sale

In this business they say that a buyer makes their first impression with 10 seconds of viewing your property online. First impressions matter.

As a seller, you owe it to yourself to make your home look as good as possible.  Whether it be strategic repairs and upgrades, staging or a new coat of paint, it usually pays off. Professional photography is key to making your home look enticing for the first impression.  This usually translates to more money on the sales end.

I can recommend improvements to your house to enhance its attractiveness and marketability. If desired, I can help coordinate and schedule professionals to perform these improvements or ‘fixes’.

If your home needs staging, this can be  a powerful tool to expand the scope of potential buyers.  It allows a buyer to visualize themselves living in your home, and thereby increasing the likelihood that they will want to buy it.

As mentioned, most buyers are judging your home based on the photographs or videos that they see online.  In some cases, they may be purchasing your home without even setting foot inside, and they are relying on those photos to make their decision.  Showcasing your property in the best light can increase both the number of prospective buyers, and thus the final sales price.

Exceptional Marketing Services

Once your listing becomes active, we get to work on creating exceptional, quality, marketing materials to share with potential buyers.