Coralea "Corey" Graham

I am a licensed realtor in Idaho with an Eco Green certification.
Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham4 days ago
Marin County, California
Spent a few days in Marin, my old stomping grounds. Jane Allen (in the middle) is a client/friend extraordinaire. I sold her home in Sun Valley and referred her to one of my amazing colleagues in Marin, Gwyn Jones (on the right). Gwyn found Jane the perfect pad. I enjoyed seeing the new home and spending time with these extraordinary ladies. Connections like this remind me why I love what I do. 🥰

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham3 weeks ago
If you are out hiking, you may see a pack like this…Every now and then, Ellie gets to go out with her ‘other’ friends. I never get too jealous.

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham4 weeks ago
Sun Valley, Idaho
Well, if the party was anything like last year, all that praying for snow worked! Weather forecasters all say it will be a warmer/dyer Winter, so maybe we can prove them wrong.

THIS WEEKEND: Pray for Snow at River Run Lodge
Saturday, November 11th 2023
4-8 PM

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham1 month ago
Ketchum, Idaho
And just like that, our spectacular Fall that really felt like Summer was over. ALAS, with the first dusting on Baldy, the mood quickly turns to skiing… And so it goes here in Sun Valley.

If you have winterized your home yet... Here is a little list to get you started:

1. Request Maintenance for Your Heating Equipment

2. Have Your Fireplace Inspected

3. Seal Air Leaks

4. Keep Ceiling Fans in Reverse

5. Install Insulating Drapes

6. Insulate Your Pipes

7. Install Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

8. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

9. Prevent Ice Dams

10. Keep Deicer Close By

11. Bring all your hoses inside and have your irrigation lines blown out.

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham2 months ago
Sun Valley, Id
The FALL market is fairly robust around here. The Average Sales price is up, but the volume is down slightly. Our high-end sales have boosted the ‘bottom’ line, and as we get into November, there will be less inventory. Don’t be daunted; it changes monthly, and just a few sales can SKEW the STATS.

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Coralea "Corey" Graham
Coralea "Corey" Graham2 months ago
Sun Valley, Idaho
Out on a Fall day following game trails through the backcountry of the Fox Creek drainage. There are lots of ‘elk beds, carcasses, and, of course, a bit of scat.. the leaves are just starting to turn

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