Buyer Resources

As a real estate advisor, I want my clients to be the final decision-makers. I want to help my clients make an informed decision with confidence. The right agent is an important step when you are looking for a new home.

My goal is to assist you and help inform your decision-making. I am your guide.

I want to keep my eye on the prize and ensure I have your best interests in mind during the process. My relationship with you does not end at the close of your transaction. I want to be the person who can guide and assist you in all things real estate.

I will be your eyes and ears during the home search.

That means being familiar with the nuances of neighborhoods in the area and all the details that go into buying a ‘quality’ home.  That entails how a home is ‘sited’, how the unique attributes of a floorplan will compliment your lifestyle, and, of course, the quality of a property.

Negotiating skills can be tricky, and knowing the market and the agent is a skill that is routinely employed to secure you the best deal for the home you want.

If we are in a competitive situation, I navigate my clients through the process and provide honest advice on the right amount to offer with confidence. Negotiating effectively helps my clients achieve the best possible price and terms for the home purchase, which can add to huge savings.

Value analysis in a heated market is always challenging. I will look at resale and current values and discuss what ‘value’ you may place on your new property.

As a home buyer, you will become a seller and you want your new home to retain and appreciate in value for the best resale opportunities. As a long-time real estate advisor in the Wood River Valley, my understanding of the communities and the history behind the home values over time can help you make those all-important decisions on location, improvements, costs, and timing. This process can have many variables, and it is wise to discuss and clarify them confidently.

There is always the question of off-market properties.

Whether through professional network groups, the cocktail party, the chairlift or the gym, I do my best to listen to what is happening in my community. I pay close attention to who may be going where, and when. Our office, our Sotheby’s network and our MLS offer us the opportunities to learn about off market or upcoming properties.