By Patricia Doherty

A trip during winter is a great cure for the letdown that often comes after the holidays and the “winter blahs” that start as the season seems to drag on. Where to go is the question, with so many options and, in some destinations, attractive prices. In other locales, it’s high season with prices to match, but worth every dollar to travelers who want to escape to a warm, sunny place.

Everyone has a different goal when it comes to winter vacations. Some want to ski or at least savor all that goes with a snowy environment: cozy fireplaces, hot cocoa, mulled wine, crisp air, and mountains draped in white. Others want to lounge in the sun and swim in warm tropical waters.

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Finding the best off-season deals in popular cities or seeking out the latest trendy restaurants are worthy goals pursued by many winter vacationers. Museum exhibitions, festivals, wellness programs, and exclusive resorts at discounted prices might also be a travel target. National parks, filled with tourists during summer, are pleasantly uninhabited in winter.

We have gathered some ideas for cities that meet many of these travel objectives. With so many to choose from, a look at this list should give anyone reason to start planning a winter getaway.The St. Louis Art Museum on Art Hill in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

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