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Meet Corey

My extensive network and tireless dedication will ensure you a quick and smooth transaction.

I am part negotiator, part lawyer, part psychologist, part chauffer, part paper pusher and supremely confident in my skills to get the job done for you. Read my testimonials to hear what past clients have had to say.

As a licensed real estate agent in both Idaho and California, I am a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Top Agent Network
  • National Association of REALTORS
  • Idaho Association of REALTORS
  • Sun Valley Board of REALTORS
  • EcoGreen Certified
  • ePro Certified
  • Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certified

About Me

To quote an old veteran of the real estate business, my mother, “Coralea, you are perfect for this profession. You may be a bit too outspoken, but you have got everything else”. Those that know me know this to be true. I will usually have a comment or opinion on just about anything real estate-related, whether you want to hear it or not. Since getting my real estate license in 1979, I have not stopped talking about it. From the ups, downs, successes and disappointments, real estate has been my life.

While investing in my own properties in Idaho and California, I learned nearly all facets of the business, not just the Brokerage side. It has been an ever-evolving journey that has kept me growing and, in turn, helped my clients.

My love of the west has enabled me to practice in two states: Idaho (Wood River Valley) and California (Marin County). I feel so blessed to have the support and knowledge to be able to do this. My first property was a little condo in Ketchum, Idaho in 1976. The price of the condo was $26,000 and my monthly payments were $164. Since then I have bought and sold multiple properties in both Marin and the Wood River Valley (Ketchum, Hailey, and Sun Valley). But what has really kept me engaged in the areas are the amazing opportunities and life styles that these wonderful places offer. I continually say to anyone who will listen, you are buying a community and a lifestyle. And while your house becomes your home, one needs to feel like they ‘belong’..

A couple of years ago I had decided to buy a second home in Sun Valley/Ketchum area. I was clueless on knowing any good real estate agents and have owned enough homes over my life to know that there really is a big difference between a really good agent and the average ones. So, how do you find a good one. Generally, word of mouth or a reference from a friend and that is how I finally connected with Corey Graham, through a mutual friend. It turned out to be an excellent move and on so many levels. I am one of these people who are very clear in what I want and what my needs were. Corey actually listened and got it. As a result, we did not have to look at zillion places. In fact, the first place she showed me was the one that I ultimately bought. We did look at a couple of others, just to give me a feel of what was on the market. Reality, she hit the bullseye in one showing. From the initial offer through closing we did not have one hip cup and closing was all done online, making life much easier for everyone. The transaction was flawless, Corey is very personable and very easy to work with. Simply put, I would use Corey again and no doubt will in the future, and if you use her, you will have least made one really good decision in this process and look like a hero.

We are writing to commend the exceptional service provided us by your agent, Corey Graham… After listing with another broker, our showings increased fourfold, and the positive ‘buzz’ created by Corey resulted in her obtaining a quality offer with a quick closing. Two weeks ago, when we came to Ketchum to clean out our condo, we heard from numerous friends that the Valley’s real estate market remains very difficult. We feel quite fortunate to have accomplished a sale, and are most grateful to Corey. Corey gave us great advice regarding pricing, helped us “re-stage” our furniture, and also suggested simplifying the deck landscaping. All this advice made the place more attractive to a wider census of buyers and eventually provided the sale. In a market where good properties continue to trade only at a steep discount to replacement cost, it takes exceptional market savvy to make a deal. You must be gratified to have agents like Corey as part of your team. Once again, we thank Sotheby’s for enabling our sale.

You did one heck of a job. I like people who look for solutions. This would have torpedoed with the wrong people at the helm. 5 stars to you from us.

Corey worked with me on every detail to get my property ready for the market. This was my first property to sell, so I needed a lot of support…Corey was with me every step of the way. Corey went above and beyond my expectations!

Love her! My mother was a real estate agent so I had a high bar on what I thought one should do for me. Once while starting the process 7 years ago in the city I had a guy say, “well once you find a place that you like why don’t you give me a call…” Really? I don’t think so. Corey worked hard for me right from the beginning, before I even knew I was serious about it. She met with me and showed me a couple places so she could get a sense of what I liked. Then she would send me listings that she thought I’d like, and some that I found on my own she would help me whittle down the list based on what I had told her. When she would see me contemplating one, she would walk through the pro’s AND con’s of it. Some of the con’s were one’s I hadn’t thought about: where the afternoon sun was, etc. Through the frustrating escrow and loan process, she help me keep my cool a couple times. I’ve recommended her to 3 other friends so far, and will continue to do so!

I purchased a property and worked with Corey. It was EXACTLY what I asked her to find for me. She made sure that I got it, and negotiated the deal smoothly and in my favor. She is still helping me – a year later. What more could you ask? She is the dream real estate agent.

We have hired Corey on a friend’s recommendation to help us find a home in Marin County while living on the East Coast. Corey has been greatly exceeding our expectations! Corey has been amazing at helping us deal with buying a home long distance, always being proactive, and on top of things. Her local knowledge was a great asset for us, her communication skills a definite plus, and her negotiation skills helped us close on a home that received 7 bids. We would highly recommend Corey to anyone looking for an outstanding professional with a delightful personality willing to go the extra mile.

Corey was amazing and she had the local knowledge that we needed in making our decision to buy. Although I was extremely involved in searching for appropriate properties, she shed light on each one and knew the nuances (of neighborhoods, and micro-climates) that would impact the living experience. She was even able to negotiate a credit even though we entered contract on an “as-is” basis. Her level of commitment and communication was incredible. We would for certain refer her to friends and family. In fact, we have already referred some out of town friends looking to relocate in the Bay Area. We got the house we wanted and didn’t overpay and did this during the frenzy of 2014. We move in tomorrow! Awesome.