Why the Wood River Valley?

In 1968 my mother loaded the wagon and moved the family to Sun Valley; not a covered wagon, but those long-paneled wagons with the rear-facing seat in the back. As a young girl straight from L.A. and beach life, I was a bit overwhelmed but quickly understood the inherent allure of this place. It is the west in every sense of the word.  California is the west too, but Idaho is the real deal.  This is the place where, when you descend from Timmerman Hill into the Valley, you exhale and know you have found a ‘place to belong’.

The valleys, vistas, streams, lakes, mountains and incredible amount of open space are all virtually untouched.  In the Wood River Valley the wilderness areas are just out your back door.   Wilderness seem too wild?  The culture and resources here are seemingly unending.  This place draws world-class athletes, talent, and resources to coalesce in the most unique fashion.  Where else can you ski the powder in the morning, hit the office in the afternoon, and see the opera at night?  Where else can you fly fish on one of the best wild rivers in Idaho, take to the mountain trails later, and still hit a round of golf before dark?  Where else is the largest free symphony in the U.S.?  Where else is the home of the first U.S. chair lift and the fabled history of the Sun Valley Lodge?  Where else do all the Olympic skaters perform in the summer?  Where else can you drive 20 minutes and have some of the best back country skiing available?  Where else are there over 100 groomed kilometers of Nordic skiing? Clearly, I could on.


There is no other place that provides a lifestyle that is comparable to the quality of life in the Valley.  Don’t believe me?  Call me and come visit.


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