With a mere 250,000 residents, Marin county is surrounded by water and open space as far as the eye can see. With arguably the greatest city in the country just 5 minutes over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the option is clear: Marin county is the best choice. Where you take the ferry, drive, bike, or bus, San Francisco is right there.

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Just north of Marin are the vineyards and hamlets of Napa and Sonoma Counties. Marin County is closer than you can imagine to everything that makes this place truly special.

Head to West Marin to visit 80 miles of the only national seashore on the west coast.  Head up Mt. Tamalpais, our revered ‘lady’, and explore why the Miwok Indians settled  here.  Hike through Muir Woods, an ancient Redwood forest, or take the ferry to Angel Island for a truly unique experience. The possibilities for adventure, beauty, and culture in this fabulous corner of California are nearly endless.  Marinites like to believe there is nothing typical about Marin and the experience of living here.  However you can be guaranteed  great restaurants, great shopping, A+ schools, and A++ beauty .

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