Preparing to Sell


Know why you are selling and be sure to discuss this with your agent.  This will be the single most important factor in developing a strategy to market your home.



Step into a prospective homebuyer’s shoes, and try to imagine seeing your home for the first time.  In fact, recall when you saw your home for the first time.   Here is a quick checklist of things to keep in mind:


First Impressions are Lasting

The front door greets the buyer.  Keep it clean and clear of clutter.  Keep the lawn trimmed and free of refuse.


Decorate for a Quick Sale

You can’t find a better investment when selling your home than a few cans of paint and a little putty to brighten up the interior.


Let the Sun Shine In

Open drapes and curtains so prospects will see how cheerful your home feels.


Fix that Faucet

Dripping water suggests faulty plumbing or deferred maintenance.


Repairs Make a Big Difference

Repair all those loose knobs, squeaky doors and windows, warped cabinets and other minor flaws.  Many buyers believe there may be tenfold the number of problems for each one that they see.


Safety First

Keep stairways clear.  Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.


Make Closets Look Bigger

Neat, well-ordered closets show that space is ample.


Bathrooms Help Sell Homes

Check and repair caulking in tubs and showers.  Make the bath sparkle.


Arrange Bedrooms Neatly

Remove any excess furniture.  Use your best linens and curtains.


You Can Sell Pride of Ownership Faster and For More Money

It is called cleanliness.  Put sparkle in your baths and kitchen.


Harmonize the Elements

For open houses and showings, have music on softly, TV off. Leave all lights on, day or night.  Drapes should be left open in the day and closed at night.  If it is hot, cool it down.  If it is cold, light a fire.



Try to keep them out of the way.  Many people are uncomfortable around some animals.


Never Stay in the House with Potential Buyers

Let the agent handle the showing and leave the home during that time if possible.  The presence of any family members can unnerve possible buyers and potentially undermine a sale opportunity.

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