About Me

When you are ready to buy or sell real estate in California and Idaho, my extensive network and tireless dedication will ensure you a quick and smooth transaction.

I am part negotiator, part lawyer, part psychologist, part chauffer, part paper pusher and supremely confident in my skills to get the job done for you. Read my testimonials to hear what past clients have had to say.

As a licensed real estate agent in both California and Idaho, I am a member of the following professional organizations:

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About Me

To quote an old veteran of the real estate business, my mother, “Coralea, you are perfect for this profession. You may be a bit too outspoken, but you have got everything else”. Those that know me know this to be true. I will usually have a comment or opinion on just about anything real estate-related, whether you want to hear it or not. Since getting my real estate license in 1979, I have not stopped talking about it. From the ups, downs, successes and disappointments, real estate has been my life.

While investing in my own properties in California and Idaho, I learned nearly all facets of the business, not just the Brokerage side. It has been an ever-evolving journey that has kept me growing and, in turn, helped my clients.

My love of the west has enabled me to practice in two states: California (Marin County) and Idaho (Wood River Valley). I feel so blessed to have the support and knowledge to be able to do this. My first property was a little condo in Ketchum, Idaho in 1976. The price of the condo was $26,000 and my monthly payments were $164. Since then I have bought and sold multiple properties in both Marin and the Wood River Valley (Ketchum, Hailey, and Sun Valley). But what has really kept me engaged in the areas are the amazing opportunities and life styles that these wonderful places offer. I continually say to anyone who will listen, you are buying a community and a lifestyle. And while your house becomes your home, one needs to feel like they ‘belong’..